the Tabularium

T his building was established in 78 BC. The initiative for the building came from Quintus Lutatius Catulus, who also led the reorganisation of the capitol. The Tabularium contained the Roman Public Record Office. The interior is accessible with special permission from the Palace of Conservators. The function of the Tabularium was administrative. It supported the aerarium of the temple of Saturn. The foundation of the tabulariumTabularium has got the shape of a trapezium. In all, it has got eleven arches, eight of them closed. Basalt blocks rising up from pedestals create a facade that reminds of a modern side-wing. This facade has three big entrances in the form of an arcade. These entrances are lined by mighty Doric columns or half-columns. In the Middle Ages the tabularium lost its dignity and was used as salt stores. In the 16th century three new storeys were build upon the second floor of the old tabularium. Today it is used as the city town hall.

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