Temple of Saturn

the Temple of Saturn

Vhe surface of the Temple of Saturn, which is connected with the northern side of the Forum, was part of the domain of the temples of the Capitol. Nowadays it is only accessible from the Forum, because of the removal of the Via del Foro Romano. North of the Basilica Julia it is connected to the temple of Saturn. Of the whole temple there are still eight granite columns left. The building of the temple was finished in 497 BC. In 42 BC the temple was renovated by Plancus. In 45 BC Plancus was 'praefectus urbi', in charge of the local police. In 43/44 BC he became proconsul in Gallia Comata and in those years he led a few successful military expeditions. In 42 BC he became consul together with Lepidus, after which he had the temple of Saturn restored.
The temple was one of the most respected monuments of ancient Rome and the Saturnalia, a celebration to honour the God, made it the most important centre of religious celebration of the city. The temple of Saturn was also called Aerarium, because the Roman national treasure was kept there. The temple marks the beginning of the Clivus Capitolinus, the old road that takes you up the hill of the Capitol.

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