Vulcanus was the old Italian God of the Fire. The Volcanal, still called 'The Temple of Vulcan' today, is in fact no more than an enclosure with an altar on it at the left side of the Rostra. At the Volcanal was a huge lotus tree, which was said to have been planted when the Volcanal was first built.
Lots of monuments surrounded the Volcanal. There was a statue on top of a column with a Greek inscription. Of course these things haven't been found. We do know that this was a sacred shrine dedicated to Vulcan. A tablet has been found documenting a gift by Augustus Caesar to the god Vulcan in 9 BC. The life of the Volcanal was short lived, as it fell into disuse in the course of the imperial history of Rome. It was partially destroyed in order to build the Arch of Septimus Severus on the west side of the forum.
On the 23rd of August the Volcanalia were celebrated. To honour Vulcanus people carried out an inexplicable ritual. They threw living fish, caught in the Tiber, into the fire on the altar.

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